Introducing an AI platform for business

Snorkel is the platform that today I am going to introduce. An End-to-End ML platform.

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This platform is designed to train the machine learning models for labeling with the highest performance. As far as I understand, it also contains a pre-trained ML model, and for new problems, you don’t even need to train from the scratch. You can train the pre-defined ML models through the site or the python package.

To access the platform, refer [here](

Data labeling

If you are dealing with a dataset that has no labels, you can use this platform for massive labeling. Working with it is pretty easy as you can implement it with python or on the website.


You can import related python packages that contain pre-defined and pre-trained models or use the integrated notebooks as well. It also uses the GPU for training. For model optimization, it brings the tunning methods as well.

Use case

You can use this platform in different fields such as retail, transportation, finance, industrial, insurance, etc



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